The secret is out of the bag!  Since 2006 Wells Wood Turning and Finishing in Buckfield has made the official collectible White House Easter eggs.  Each year Wells makes 75,000 to 100,000 eggs from Maine birch.  The eggs are tumble sanded and tumble painted in a variety of colors—yellows, blues, purples and greens.  Another Maine company prints the stamp on the eggs and packages them for the National Park Foundation to sell.  The design on the egg is different every year.  This year the bunny is hoola-hooping in recognition of First Lady Michelle Obama’s fitness campaign for kids.


Wells Wood Turning has been manufacturing high quality  custom turnings, wood finishing and manufacturing, serving a variety of industries since 1985.  Whether the need is for a simple turning, a complex finished part, or coating of wooden parts with stains, varnish or child-safe paints, Wells can deliver.  Wells’ custom wood turnings include wood tool handles, wooden knobs, wooden bottle caps, shaker pegs, wooden craft parts, wooden toy parts, custom wood table legs, wooden curtain finials, wooden plugs, wooden thread and wire spools, mini baseball bats and more.  While custom wood turnings are made from white birch, Wells can also work with other wood—yellow birch, ash, hard or soft maple, poplar, cherry, hickory and dymondwood.


46 John Ellingwood Road, PO Box 220,Buckfield,ME 04220
207-336-2400 / 888-206-3328
Co-owners:  Alan Chesney and Tom Wallace