Every time I see the timber frame it still blows my mind. I thought I knew what we were getting, but I can’t even describe how it has surpassed all of our expectations. I honestly believe that all the people who have been involved in the project take a great deal of pride in the project simply because of your timber frame. It’s not even theirs, yet everyone seems to be so proud of being part of the project. I’ve never heard the phrase “breathtaking” used more to describe anything. S. Rogers

Specialty Timberworks creates custom post and beam frames for homes, barns and other out-buildings, such as porches and pavilions, combining traditional time proven timber-framing techniques with energy efficient insulating systems. The frames are crafted using mostly traditional mortise and tenon joinery fastened with hardwood pegs exemplifying a true joined “timber frame.”

White pine, Douglas fir, hemlock, red oak are some of the wood species Specialty Timberworks uses. More often white pine is used because it is local and quite stable (less shrinkage). Red oak or cherry are often used for knee braces.

Specialty Timberworks works closely with its customers to design and create buildings and spaces that meet their needs, including providing complete construction drawings or frame drawings for an architect and site contractor. It can create floor plans and elevations, including interior and exterior perspective drawings on a CAD system, and it can oversee the enclosure of a frame with stress skin panels. When the frame is within an hour of Greenwood, Specialty Timberworks will consider installing the panels and continuing the process until the frame is weather-tight. Specialty Timberworks can provide other custom woodworking elements for a house or barn such as stairways, railings, fireplace mantels, and small scale timber furniture.

Most buildings are built in New England; however, Specialty Timberworks has several buildings in Colorado and Montana. Once a frame has been completed it can be shipped any where in the country.

Timber framing is demonstrably and quantifiably greener than most other conventional building methods. If kept dry, wood lasts indefinitely.

Chris Barstow began learning the trade by taking workshops with the Fox Maple School of Traditional Building in Brownfield, ME. He also apprenticed on several projects and was an itinerant timber framer for other timber framing businesses in New Hampshire, Vermont, Montana and Colorado. By working on projects around the country, Chris learned many approaches to the craft and acquired many great tricks from more experienced craftsmen. He eventually returned to New England and the Fox Maple School as an instructor and started Specialty Timberworks.

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