We visited Rare Woods USA today and met with owner Rory Wood and bought some extremely high quality quarter sawn white oak from Rare Woods USA. The experience was amazing to see the inventory that they carry and Rory is one of the nicest and down to earth brokers that I have ever done business with. Loved the experience and will do business again in the future!! Justin Rathbun

Rare Woods USA carries 180 species and 159 varieties of rare and exotic lumber from around the world that include these specialties:

  • Wild Olive
  • Tulipwood
  • Kingwood
  • Zebrawood
  • Pink Ivory
  • Satinwood (East Indian)
  • Boxwood

Rory’s customers are cabinet makers, furniture makers, millwork shops, boat builders, luthiers, building contractors, wood turners, carvers and hobbyists.

Rory caters to luthiers and offers:

  • Over 4,000 sets of superb quarter-cut East Indian Rosewood backs and sides.
  • Lesser quantities of Bubinga and East Indian Satinwood backs and sides.
  • 1200 tops of Engelmann Spruce.
  • Pernambuco which is an incredibly rare wood that is used for violin bow blanks.
  • Brazilian Rosewood, another excellent lutherie wood for which new stocks are no longer able to be traded.
  • Spanish cedar for necks.

Rare Woods began in 1982 when Rory Wood bought blackwood and cypress logs in Cape Town, South Africa with $100 he borrowed from his mother. Rory wanted to supply the new generation of US woodworkers who were making furniture, cabinets and musical instruments and building boats. He relocated from South Africa in 2008 to Rumford, Maine following the advice of Joey Martin, Jr. As Rory said, “Well I’ve been here three years now and all I can say is Joey was right!”

Rare Woods USA’s website has a variety of links for tool suppliers, wood conservation, wood identification, and schools and societies.

Rare Woods USA LLC
120 Swift River Road
Mexico, ME 04257
Phone/Fax: 207-364-1073

Owner: Rory Woods
Email: info@rarewoodsusa.com
Website: www.rarewoodsusa.com