Norway Downtown “Project Start-up”

APPLICATION DUE DATE:  June 04, 2013, 5:00 PM


Street Address



Phone (cell)                                             Phone (other)

Website Address

Please keep answers clear and brief (to within 150 words or less)

1. Describe your proposed business concept and its inventory or service.  Please also include the following: 

a. Are you currently in business, and if so, for how long?

b. Do you currently have a business license?

c. If you business is up and running, from where is your business operating?

d. What is your legal business entity?

_____ Sole Proprietorship                                _____ Limited Liability Company

_____ General Partnership                               _____ Corporation

_____ Limited Partnership                                _____ Other (Please specify)


2. Include a brief biographical summary of your business experience, professional work, community work, and any other credentials that support your ability to successfully launch and maintain this space for two months.  Use a separate page if needed.


3. Explain why this business will succeed — and specifically why it will succeed in Norway.


4. Briefly outline the marketing strategies you will employ to get the word out quickly about your business as it gets ready to “open its doors” in Downtown Norway.  Who will be responsible to continue to publicize information about your business?


5. Describe your staffing strategy and planned hours of operation (keep in mind you will be required to be open a minimum of four days per week, three of which must be Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and a minimum of 7 hours per day on average).


6. Include a few images of proposed invenstory and/or service.


7. What is our plan for this business after the two month timeframe is complete?


8. Please provide two business and/or personal references and their contact information.


9. Do you have a preference for which available space you would like to fill? (no guarantees)


Please sign here to indicate that you have read and understand the project parameters and will abide by the project requirements as outlined in this document.

Printed Name and Title




Application must be submitted electronically and received by 5:00 PM May 27, 2013 to