Located in western Maine with spectacular views of the White Mountains, Pietree Orchard is a working orchard and farm that specializes in apples (55 varieties including many rare heirloom varieties) and also grows a variety of other fruit, flowers and vegetables, including strawberries (15 varieties), blueberries, peaches (11 varieties), plums, nectarines, peas, green beans, tomatoes and pumpkins. It also operates a farm stand that is open daily in season, selling fresh fruits and vegetables, cider donuts, pies, pastries, savories and fresh-pressed cider mid-September thru December. Pietree also sells maple syrup from its extensive maple sugarbush and brick-oven pizza made on the premises. Many of the baked goods and gifts in Pietree’s farm store are made by local artisans.

Inherent to the Pietree Orchard operation is an all-inclusiveness and a distinct awareness of creating an environment that is welcoming to people of all abilities. Fairness, sensitivity, and respect are all qualities that are cultivated at Pietree. Fostering collaboration with local farmers and the surrounding community is a top priority as well along with promoting the local food movement.

Pietree Orchard is open to large groups (up to 80 people), community tours and motor coaches. All of the group and tour packages are by reservation. Pietree offers pre-planned tours but will work with a group to create its own tour. Current package tours may include:

  • The Fun of Local Food
  • Introduction to Orchards
  • Heritage Apple Cultivation
  • Educational Talks
  • Farm Demonstrations
  • Pick-Your-Own Opportunities*
  • Walking or Hayride Tours
  • Tastings of Farm-Fresh Favorites
  • On-Board Bus/Motor Coach Welcome

*Pick-Your-On Opportunities may include strawberries from late June to early July, peas and beans from late June to mid-August, blueberries from mid-July to early August, apples in early autumn, and pumpkins in early autumn.

School tours are available, too. The orchard is a wonderful place to learn about eco-systems and life cycles, practical meteorology and applied mathematics, the history of Maine, and the real-world implications of immigration and agricultural policies and global food pressures and opportunities. Pietree’s curricular offerings include:

  • Ecology – Life Cycle
  • Ecology – Sustainability
  • Ecology & Geology – Soil & Water
  • Meteorology & Farming
  • Mathematics & Farming
  • History & Social Studies
  • Social Studies

Pietree will also customize a school tour based on curricular goals.

Pietree Orchard has embraced energy savings technology with a wind turbine and a rotating solar array.

In addition to growing and selling a wide variety of vegetables and fruits, Pietree shares delectable and mouth watering recipes on its website and in the farm stand to help customers make the most of its produce.

Pietree Orchard was established by the McSherry family more than 75 years ago. Tabitha King bought it in 2007. At that time only apples and pumpkins were grown on the farm. The Kings have expanded the products grown and sold there exponentially.

803 Waterford Road
Sweden, ME 04040

Open daily, beginning Memorial Day — 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Owner: Tabitha King
Contact: Naomi King
Email: pietree@pietree-orchard.com
Website: www.pietreeorchards.com

Orchardist: Scott Miller, scottmiller@pietree-orchard.com
Farm Manager: Dan Cousins, dancousins@pietree-orchard.com
For tours or wholesale, call (207) 647-4124
Farmstand: (207) 647-9419