Utility Infrastructure

Reliable, cost-effective utility service is available from a variety of suppliers.  In particular, Maine is proud to lead the country with its telecommunications infrastructure with more than 110,000 miles of fiber optic cable and 100 percent digital phone switching technology in place.


Transmission & Distribution:  Central Maine Power

For a listing of providers licensed anywhere in Maine click here.


Interchange Carrier Points-of-Presence (POP) Multi-carrier POP Augusta and Lewiston
Available Services High-speed internet, voice communications, server co-location and application hosting, dial up access, DSL access, wireless access, domain hosting, internet phone service, wi-fi access for portable devices, online backup, virtual PBX, website hosting, local and long distance internet broadband
Providers Charter Communications (formerly Time Warner Cable), Oxford NetworksFairPoint New EnglandVerizon, GWI, U.S. Cellular
Source: Office of the Public Advocate