The Chisholm Ski Club, one of the nation’s oldest and most active ski clubs, provides opportunities for recreational Alpine and Nordic skiing and ski racing at the Black Mountain of Maine Ski Area in Rumford. It began in 1923, planning for the first annual winter carnival in 1924. The event became the most popular carnival in Maine, hosting Maine and New England amateur championships starting in 1929. The club has continued to promote family recreational skiing and competitive skiing in the greater Rumford area since 1960 at Black Mountain of Maine.

The Club has hosted numerous world class and national Nordic skiing events, including International Ski Federation World Championships (1950), NCAA National championships ( 1976, 1999 and 2009),USCSA National Championships ( 2008 and 2010), National cross country Championship (1958 and 1993), National Biathlon Championship (1991), Junior Olympics Cross Country Championships (1992 and 1996), Chevy Truck U. S. Cross Country Championships (1999, 2003 and 2004), U. S. Cross Country Championships (2011 and 2012).

The Club also has hosted local, state and regional Alpine and Nordic races creating a full schedule of events throughout the winter season arranged to accommodate the family recreational program. Annual events include the Sassi and Junior Sassi cross country races for high school and middle school skiers to raise scholarship funds. The Club also holds an annual meeting and a member/volunteer banquet following the close of the winter program.

Maine’s Collegiate Nordic Championship is named after Wendall “Chummy” Broomhall, two-time Nordic Olympian, Olympic cross country trail designer, the honorary leader of the Chisholm Ski Club and a 91 year old Rumford native.

Club members are skiers, parents, former club skiers and others who are interested in the club’s mission to promote healthy outdoor skiing and support Black Mountain of Maine’s mission to promote healthy affordable outdoor family fun. Several generations of families continue to ski the slopes in Rumford and enjoy watching their children participate in competitions through the school systems’ ski teams. Young skiers who qualify are supported financially by the club for some of the costs of participating in regional and national competitions and clinics, provided the family volunteers in club events.

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